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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cultural Hall Decorations


What is the best way to decorate an entire cultural hall? I wanted to do my wedding outside mainly because I wanted to let nature decorate for me.
If it is in the winter though it is really hard to do that and I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for a wedding venue?


There are many ways to decorate a cultural hall. The options are limited only by your imagination and budget. Lots of beautiful things can be done for very little money. You can bring in “decorations” from your home, borrow from others or rent any number of things at various price ranges. You can hire a decorator to come in and take care of it all for you. Be careful not to spend so much money that it would have been cheaper to just go to another venue.

Here are some ideas that go beyond the “norm” for cultural hall decorations:
  • String wire across the ceiling and weave fabric through it to create a billowy effect.
  • Line the walls with fabric. 
  • Use tables, benches, podiums and other furniture to create levels to decorate. (You can cover less sightly ones with fabric.)
  • Bring in backdrops, pictures, archways, curtains, dividers, furniture from home, flower arrangements, mirrors, etc.
  • Hang twinkling lights or some other alternate lighting (Chinese lanterns are very popular)
  • Decorate tables and other surfaces with linens and creative centerpieces to draw attention (for example: flower arrangements, candles, jars, pictures, etc. )
  • Embellish chairs, by wrapping lengths of fabric around them and adding a flower at the knot
  •  Bring in a canopy or large tent and decorate with lights and flowers
Here are 2 websites that give some general guidance to decorating a cultural hall:
The things they add to what I’ve said is:
  • Don’t feel obligated to decorate the entire room. Close it in a bit using whatever means available (for example: dividers, backdrops, furniture, or curtains)
  • Use linens on the ceiling, walls, tables and floor
  • Add in small touches and details using small props 
  • Don’t limit yourself to the cultural hall (You can also decorate the pathway leading into the reception)
Just remember that it’s a good idea to either decorate the night before the wedding or have someone else do it for you. This will leave you free the next day to concentrate on your wedding and to not be worrying about details.

Thanks for the question Brittany!

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